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March 5, 2008, 3:23 pm


Only a couple of days to go before march 8th. Nobody sleeps at PHQ, busy times. Good to know that people are comin from all over the world in great numbers… great numbers. If you’re ticket didn’t arrive plz bring a print out of your payment and you’ll get in, or just say your name… we’ll sort it out.

Records arrived and approved, True Colors and Justice will be selling specialversions at the show, pick that up!

Doors will be at 5PM… try to be there at 5PM and support the first bands. They’ll start close after 5Pm cuz we wanna make sure you’re able to get the last train.

Address of the venue:
De Nartist
Clemens De Landtsheer Laan 26A
9140 Temse (BEL)

How to get there from trainstation:

Stationplein 1
Right on Guido Gezelleplaats
Follow August Waterstraat (go on the bridge)
Left on Kouterstraat
Follow Pastoor Boelstraat
Right on Eeckhoutdriesstraat
Left on Clemens De Landtsheerlaan

You can still buy tickets for 15 euro.

Plz be good and respect the venue so we won’t lose it over time.

Posted by: Filip

February 3, 2008, 8:42 am

The release date of Justice 'Live And Learn' and True Colors 'Perspective' is coming closer so we're dropping the mp3s; check out "A Quiet Pain" by Justice and "Don't You Get It" by True Colors on the mediapage or on the myspace of both bands.

TRUE COLORS 'Perspective' 7"EP
Doing better than last years 'Focus on The Light' isn't exactly supereasy but this records blows our minds away. True Colors has been working real hard on these songs and that's something you can definitely hear.

JUSTICE 'Live And Learn' 12"EP
Justice is always expanding their minds, bodies and souls and the new release is another step forward in their lives. Let the past be the past, watch out for Justice 'Live And Learn'.

As most of you might know both records will be released on March 8th, however, due to a huge amount of ticketsales we decided to move the show to a bigger place. That place is "De Nartist" in Temse, 20 min out of Antwerp, it holds over 500 people. Don't worry, it's a 10 minute walk to the trainstation and the last train to Antwerp is leaving at 23:39 that night. Check www.b-rail.be for more info on the trains. We'll make sure the show finishes early.

But this isn't everything… our friends in BLACKLISTED will be playing too (exclusive European show). So the bill is:

JUSTICE - last show and record release
TRUE COLORS - record release
HOODS UP (ger)

All going down at:
De Nartist
Clemens De Landtsheer Laan 26A
9140 Temse

So there are still tickets available, buy the at our store or get in touch with us if you don't have paypal.

To answer your questions:
*Justice and True Colors will be selling a release show record
*We still have a couple of tickets left, don't miss out!!!
*Tickets are in the process of getting mailed out, if you're ticket still says the old venue, don't worry. It's Temse not Berchem.
*Pre-orders are sold out, sorry

In other news:
True Colors will be touring right after the release show together with Losing Streak. If you’re interested in booking a show, mail to: filip@poweredrecords.com

wed 12.03.2008 – NEED HELP!!!
thu 13.03.2008 – NEED HELP!!!
fri 14.03.2008 – Moers (GER)
sat 15.03.2008 – Rosswein (GER)
sun 16.03.2008 – NEED HELP!!!
Mon 17.03.2007 – NEED HELP!!!
tue 18.03.2008 – Hamburg (GER)
wed 19.03.2008 – Hengelo (HOL)
thu 20.03.2008 – Karlsruhe (GER)
fri 21.03.2008 – Venice (IT)
sat 22.03.2008 – Brugg (CH)
sun 23.03.2008 – Wiesbaden (GER)

Union Town are close to finishing their upcoming record, keep checking for updates on this matter. They'll be hitting the road in 2008 for sure!

Posted by: Filip

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