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Summer 2004: former JUSTICE-guitarplayer Dunk had been without a band for a while when things started to itch, so he started a Straight Edge band that would sound like YOUTH OF TODAY’s ‘Break down the Walls’ and the TURNING POINT demo, with maybe a small hint of IN MY EYES… Dunk remembered Packo from his days of fronting BUILDING and figured the guy had everything this newfound band needed: a strong Edge, band-experience, outspokenness and most important of all: too much energy! Packo was down right away, so Dunk started looking for a drummer, which he soon found in Peers. The three-piece started rehearsing for a while and wrote the first couple of songs. Soon after they asked their friend and Hardcore-enthousiast Hingie to join on bass and the very first time they rehearsed with the complete line-up, it just clicked: the chemistry was there so they didn’t sit around and just booked some studio time right away!

A couple of months later they jumped on during JUSTICE’s set to play three songs and right away the word got spread and people already got their hopes up for TRUE COLORS’ (as they decided the bandname would be, right before entering the stage) first official show and the demo! That first show soon followed in March 2005 and the ‘Get Em’ demo was released about a month later. TRUE COLORS started intensively playing shows, surprising hardcore kids all over Europe with their tight and energetic performances. In January 2006 TRUE COLORS recorded 6 songs for their self-titled EP, which was released not much later on Not Just Words Records. They didn’t wait for things to calm down and in between playing shows they quickly sneaked into the studio again to record some songs for the Light The Fuse and Hustler Compilations.

August 2006 found TRUE COLORS still playing shows all over the place and writing, re-writing and perfecting the songs for their first LP to be released by their longtime friends of Powered Records.

The debut full-length entitled ‘Focus On The Light’ was released on CD and vinyl format with a extensive release party, held on March 10th 2007 in a sold-out Lintfabriek. Barely three months later the entire first press of ‘Focus On The Light’ is almost sold out and Powered Records is getting ready for a second press.

As always TRUE COLORS keep on playing shows and sneaking out for short tours and weekend-trips whenever they can. During the summer you’ll see TRUE COLORS perform on Trashfest, Rock Herk, Sucks ‘n’ Summer Fest, Light In The Dark Fest or whatever shithole that has a stage and a PA. Or no stage and no PA. In this tradition, September 2007 will bring this energetic Hardcore-outfit to your hometown as they will be touring all over Europe with Conneticut’s FIRED UP (Youngblood Records).

Packo – vocals
Dunk – guitar
Peers – drums
Hingie – bass

Website: www.truexcolors.com - myspace.com/truexcolorshc
E-mail: info@truexcolors.com



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